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Live town hall meetings are being hosted by scientific experts across the country this spring to answer your questions about COVID-19 vaccination. Register for a free COVID-19 vaccine Q&A town hall here!

Why Open Access Is a Game Changer When research is free for everyone, as it’s been during the pandemic, scientific experts of all kinds can shine light on the many facets of a health crisis, writes Britt Glaunsinger. (April 2021)

iBiology talks: “Viruses Reveal the Secrets of Biology” and “Herpesviral Nucleases Impact Cellular RNA Destruction and Synthesis”

NPR news: All Sides With Ann Fisher. “How the scientific community mobilized against COVID-19” (March 2021)

Lecture for Students vs. Pandemics: Coronavirus vaccines and variants (February 2021)

Scientific American Podcast: What Science Has Learned about the Coronavirus One Year On (December 2020)

Arntzen Grand Challenges Lecture: Understanding and combatting the pandemic coronavirus (October 2020)

Homecoming panel on the importance of open access research (October 2020)

MIT COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 and the Pandemic Series: Coronavirus Biology lecture (September 2020)

Scientific American Webinar: Coronavirus-How it Infects Us and How We Might Stop It (August 2020)

Campus Conversations: “Of virulent viruses and reservoir hosts” (June 2020)

Scientific American Interactive: Inside the Coronavirus (July 2020)

YouTube lecture on the Molecular Virology of Coronaviruses (March 2020)

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Molecular Mimicry: Britt Glaunsinger uncovers how viruses interact with—and steal from—their hosts (Fall 2019)

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The biology of motherhood (July 2016)

EurekAlert: Virus-host interplay: Transcription of host noncoding DNA elements signals viral intrusion but is hijacked by gammaherpesvirus for its own benefit (November 2015)