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Basic Science Lights the Way: As part of a ‘Science at the Extremes’ event, Britt Glaunsinger discusses how CoV-2 evades the immune system, and how we might stop it. (May 2022)

Lost in Translation: Graduate student Leah Gulyas explores how one tiny coronavirus protein blockades host cells—and how a few simple changes can flip the script. (December 2021)

Thieves on the Inside: Viral Control of Host Gene Expression: During infection, viruses reshape the host gene expression landscape through clever mechanisms that promote viral replication and survival. Niki Spahich from The Scientist’s Creative Services team spoke with Britt Glaunsinger to learn more. (June 2021)

Live town hall meetings are being hosted by scientific experts across the country this spring to answer your questions about COVID-19 vaccination. Register for a free COVID-19 vaccine Q&A town hall here!

Why Open Access Is a Game Changer When research is free for everyone, as it’s been during the pandemic, scientific experts of all kinds can shine light on the many facets of a health crisis, writes Britt Glaunsinger. (April 2021)

iBiology talks: “Viruses Reveal the Secrets of Biology” and “Herpesviral Nucleases Impact Cellular RNA Destruction and Synthesis”

NPR news: All Sides With Ann Fisher. “How the scientific community mobilized against COVID-19” (March 2021)

Lecture for Students vs. Pandemics: Coronavirus vaccines and variants (February 2021)

Scientific American Podcast: What Science Has Learned about the Coronavirus One Year On (December 2020)

Arntzen Grand Challenges Lecture: Understanding and combatting the pandemic coronavirus (October 2020)

Homecoming panel on the importance of open access research (October 2020)

MIT COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 and the Pandemic Series: Coronavirus Biology lecture (September 2020)

Scientific American Webinar: Coronavirus-How it Infects Us and How We Might Stop It (August 2020)

Campus Conversations: “Of virulent viruses and reservoir hosts” (June 2020)

Scientific American Interactive: Inside the Coronavirus (July 2020)

YouTube lecture on the Molecular Virology of Coronaviruses (March 2020)

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Breakthroughs Magazine article

Molecular Mimicry: Britt Glaunsinger uncovers how viruses interact with—and steal from—their hosts (Fall 2019)

The Daily Californian article

The biology of motherhood (July 2016)

EurekAlert: Virus-host interplay: Transcription of host noncoding DNA elements signals viral intrusion but is hijacked by gammaherpesvirus for its own benefit (November 2015)