Lab News

Lisa's paper describing uORF-mediated gene regulation in KSHV just published in Journal of Virology!

Reinitiation after Translation of Two Upstream Open Reading Frames Governs Expression of the ORF35-37 KSHV Polycistronic mRNA
Lisa M. Kronstad, Kevin F. Brulois, Jae U. Jung, and Britt A. Glaunsinger
J. Virol. published ahead of print 12 March 2014, doi:10.1128/JVI.00202-14

Good luck to Marta, Lisa, and Stephanie, our recent lab 'graduates'!

Stephanie is joining the Burmeister group at the EMBL-CNRS (Grenoble), Marta is now an Assistant Prof. at Tufts, and Lisa is a postdoc in the Blish lab at Stanford.  Congrats also to Elise Peauroi, who just finished her honors thesis in the lab! Lots of (bittersweet) farewell parties... :) 

Stephanie & Yeon's paper on the great SOXscape published!

The herpesviral SOX protein promotes degradation of the majority of host mRNAs--yet some manage to excape.  Stephanie Hutin and Yeon Lee reveal that one prominent escapee, the interleukin-6 mRNA, evades destruction through the action of an RNA reguatory element within its 3' UTR.  This novel 'SOX resistant element' interacts with multiple cellular proteins and can prevent targeting by the SOX endonuclease even when fused to a heterologous transcript.  These findings reveal a new mechanism whereby select RNAs may accumulate during viral infection in the background of widespread mRNA destruct

Berkeley Virology group (B-VIRO) established!

Our goal is to connect virologists on campus through interactive research-in-progress discussions, to be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 3-4:30 PM (545 Li Ka Shing).  Each meeting will feature two 20-minute talks (powerpoint or chalk-talk) + lots of Q&A from different labs over some snacks and beer etc., with some socializing at the end.