Emma's paper recommened as being of "special significance" by Faculty of 1000!

"This interesting paper shows that unlike the host shutoff functions of many other viruses, the murine gammaherpesvirus 68 shutoff protein targets translationally competent virus mRNAs as well as host mRNAs. It reduces the expression of most, though not all, virus proteins. In a virus with a functionally dead shutoff function, there is a selective alteration in the composition of the virion. Two tegument proteins and one glycoprotein, gB, are increased relative to levels in a repaired virus. This has the effect of increasing virus entry. However, rather than increasing virus fitness, replication in vivo and in some cell types in vitro is significantly impaired. The reason for the very selective changes in tegument and envelope composition and the complexities of the post entry defects in replication will be fascinating to explore."

Hutt-Fletcher L: F1000Prime Recommendation of [Abernathy E et al., PLoS Pathog 2014, 10(1):e1003882]. In F1000Prime, 19 Feb 2014; DOI: 10.3410/f.718248241.793491079. F1000Prime.com/718248241#eval793491079